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Sowrya Deaf Children's Foundation is a registered Trust and works towards bringing language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families across India. Sowrya stands for 'sound of the soul', and exists as a platform for deaf children and their families to make themselves heard. Our Commitment is access for every deaf child using the means most appropriate for their individual circumstances, so that they can understand, influence and most importantly, participate in the world around them. Sowrya believes in Informed Choice.
Old Age Home
Sowrya Foundation recently started Old Age Home at Hyderabad
oldage home
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Recent Events

Blood Camps:  Blood donation camps  are organized  and collected blood is handed over to the patient/receipients according to their blood groups safely.

Swargapuri Services:  Sowrya foundation provides free Swargapuri vahanam (Hearse Vehicle) for conveying the coffin at a funeral.

Ambulance Services:  Sowrya Foundation provides free emergency ambulance services in chilkaluripet.

Old Age Home   Sowrya Foundation Recently started Old Age Home at Hyderabad.

Water Camp:  Sowrya Foundation is conducting the water camp in KPHB,Ameerpet,dilshukhnagar

Food Donation: Sowrya Foundation is providing food to the 3000 poor people on every month of first thursday
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